Dear England (NT Live)

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Dear England (NT Live)

Wed 24. January · 20:30

Harbourside bars & dining from 6pm

Film starts approx. 8.30pm

‘A big-hearted, technically dazzling celebration of football’
Time Out

If you’re a fan of Ted Lasso, or can imagine a world where men - even male sports stars – see the advantage in relating to each other lovingly and without bravado, then this one’s for you.   

NT Dear England is the utterly compelling film of the ‘can’t-get-a-ticket’ play staged in London by England’s National Theatre since August 2023.

The story is told through the lens of the English men’s football team under the management of Gareth Southgate. Southgate inherits a team who are chronic under performers (at least, in the eyes of their fans), and are the actual worst in the world at penalty shoot outs. Southgate, a former player who knows a thing or two about missed penalties, wants to change all that, but in very modern ways, with plenty of deference to psychology. Why are Germans the best at penalty shoot outs and England the worst? To achieve his goal, he must confront and dissemble some long-standing fears wrapped up as 'traditions' … some very sizeable and well paid egos...and dammit, his own demons.
In the space of a stage, everything from locker room banter to the restaging of world cup penalty shoot outs are miraculously enacted. The difficulty of engineering cultural change is examined with great humour. In fact, it’s hilarious. It’s also wonderfully insightful and has a narrative that buzzes with big game excitement. The characters are the players of recent English football generations; Kane, Rashford, Maguire, Alli, Pickford et al. But for those who know none of these names, it matters not. It’s a ripping yarn in and of itself. There’s even a moment where the entire cast and audience start singing Sweet Caroline.

Ted Lasso would be proud. And we’re proud to host the Australian Premiere of NT Dear England as a home game this Wednesday on Sydney Harbour.  Come join us. 

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Drama Sport
Rupert Goold
Joseph Fiennes, Will Close, Adam Hugill
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